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No online content can be effective without the addition of media. And the thing about media is that it is continually evolving. As it evolves, expertise must too.

Gone are the days when stock photos and some simple infographics will do. Consumers of content want to be “wowed” by media today, and most businesses do not have the staff to produce all of the types that will make content engaging and compelling. But they can find freelancers who have the expertise.

Here are the types of media experts you will find at Vecontently.

  • Photographers: Photography has changed drastically over the decades. Newer technology allows shading, color contrasting, hues; experimentation with angles, lighting, and even subjects can result in dramatic effects that will compel a viewer. Getting a pro who can produce such photographs will enhance the content surrounding those photos.
  • Illustrators: There are times when a drawing is the perfect enhancement to content – whether that is to illustrate a flow chart, a process, or people engaged in activities. Illustrations can inform, educate, and, certainly, entertain or inspire. If you have an idea for an illustration but not the artistic ability to create it, find your freelancer here.
  • Graphic Designers: You may need a logo; you may need great designs on your packaging; you may need slogans with a design flair. This is the work of a graphic designer, and good ones at reasonable rates are often hard to find. Identify a few on our site who look promising, interview them, ask for samples, and find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Video Producers: Amateur and informal videos are quite acceptable to today’s online audiences, when they are meant to show real people engaged in life activities, such as using products or services. In fact, many e-commerce sites solicit media contributions from their customers for “social proof.” There are times, though, when videos need to be more professionally produced, edited, or enhanced by such things as music, background scenery, etc. These needs usually require a professional videographer. There is a wealth of video pros who freelance through us. You will be able to find the perfect one for your needs.
  • AR/VR Experts: You may have experienced content of businesses that have incorporated the use of augmented and virtual reality into their content. Eyeglass companies allow you to virtually try on frames in advance of your appointment; clothing retailers make is possible for you to virtually try on items before you purchase them; resorts “place” you in their settings to experience first-hand what they offer; scanning your smart phone over a wine bottle label lets you see a video of the production process of that vintage. If you believe that your content could be enhanced by user AR/VR experiences, you can find the expertise to do that on our site.

Technology has drastically changed how media is used in online content. It gives viewers of content amazing experiences. Businesses that want their content to engage their audiences will incorporate all of the latest trends. Finding the freelancer who can produce that media can be found on Vecontently.