We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We set high standards when it comes to the work we do, and we have guarantees to back up the promises we make. Our work will be delivered on time, at the agreed upon price, and work will be completed as agreed upon. If we do not meet those objectives, we may offer a refund, credit, discount, or another incentive. While it isn’t possible to cover every possible scenario where we might opt to offer a refund, credit, discount, or another incentive, this document will detail our policies with reasonable clarity.

Refunds at Our Discretion

We offer refunds fully at our discretion. We may opt at any time to provide a credit or discount in lieu of a refund. The only exception to this is in the event of order cancellations and refusals. If the customer cancels an order before work has begun, we will issue a full refund. Likewise, if we have to cancel or refuse an order for any reason, we will issue a refund.

Refunds will be issued according to the method of payment used. They will be processed as quickly as reasonably possible. However, we do not have any way of knowing when funds will be credited, or how long the customer’s finance company will take to accept and process the refund.

Credits And Discounts

If we fail to completely satisfy a customer, we may provide them with a credit or discount. A credit is an amount of money that is held on account that can be used towards future orders. A discount is a set percentage off of a future order.


Likewise, we may provide customers with an incentive if they have not had a completely satisfactory experience with us. For example, we may offer some free content or access to gated content such as white papers or blogs.

Canceled Orders - Customer Initiated

The customer is free to cancel orders at any time. However, unless no work has been started we cannot issue a refund. Instead, we will provide a discount or credit that may be used on future orders. If we are able to, we will provide any partially completed content to the customer. Any credits or discounts we give will be at our discretion and at an amount determined by our management team.

Canceled Orders - Company Initiated

If we must refuse or cancel an order, we will provide the customer with a full refund.

Significant Delays

If we must delay the start of a project, or we are unable to deliver items within a reasonable amount of time, we will issue a credit or discount on future orders. In order for the customer to qualify for this credit or discount, we must determine that the delay is significant and that the customer has been inconvenienced in some meaningful way by the delay.

In the event that the delay of work or delivery is caused by inaction on the part of the customer, we will not be able to provide a credit or discount. This includes the customer’s failure to pay, failure to verify their identity or failure to provide information or requested materials.

Inability to Complete Revisions

If a customer has not received the amount or quality of work that they ordered, we will provide them with a no-cost revision. This free revision must be requested within 14 days. If we are unable to complete a free revision for any reason, we will provide a discount or credit.

We will also accept requests for paid revisions. Like any other work, we will provide a refund if revisions are canceled before work begins. We will also provide a refund if we are unable to complete a revision.

Disputes And Negotiations

This document is intended to provide a general overview of our money back guarantee policy. We may negotiate different arrangements with customers regarding refunds or credits. This will be done at our discretion, on a case by case basis.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy as we see fit. We may make these changes for any reason with or without prior notification. Customers and visitors agree to be bound by these policies and affirm that they are familiar with them.